Graduate testimonial and biography: Audrey Dempsey

Audrey Dempsey: MSc Human Anatomy 2017

I found the MSc in Human Anatomy provided me with a wide range of knowledge and skills to explore and expand my options for my career after university, it helped me to realise where my interests and skills could be best utilised and build on my undergraduate BSc Neuroscience degree. The MSc Human Anatomy course gave many career opportunities, I had a insight into the role of being a radiographer as a part of the radiology module and I also had the opportunity to practice as a demonstrator as a part of the pedagogy module and this experience helped me prepare for a role as a Senior Medical Demonstrator in the Department.

The teaching approach taken by the educators is varied throughout the course. There are numerous types of continuous assessment. There is an opportunity for hands on learning in the laboratory and there is also the more traditional form of learning in the classroom, however with numerous opportunities to engage in the lesson. This variety ensures that every type of learning is catered to and are able to excel in this course.

I discovered an interest in teaching durning the MSc Human Anatomy Masters course and following the MSc Degree I undertook a PhD in Anatomy. The MSc degree gave me the skills and direction to find my ideal career and I am now a lecturer in Anatomy in the University of Limerick.

Audrey Dempsey, BSc Neuroscience, MSc Human Anatomy, PhD Anatomy

Lecturer in University of Limerick 


Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience

Anatamaíocht agus Néareolaíocht

Room 2.33, 2nd Floor, Western Gateway Building, University College, Cork, Ireland