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Professor Cryan Publishes in Science - in Print and Podcast!

1 Jun 2022
Professor John F. Cryan

The current special issue of Science 'The Systemic Microbiome'  features a commentary article by Professor John F. Cryan, VP for Research UCC, and Science Podcasts  follows up with a fascinating interview.

In the Science ‘PERSPECTIVE’ article 'Microbiota–brain axis: Context and causality - Gut bacteria influence the brain and behavior, but causation in humans remains unclear’,' Professor Cryan discusses how ‘tightening the connections research has made between microbes and the brain—the steps needed to go from seeing connections to understanding how the microbiome might be tweaked to change what’s happening in the brain.’

In the associated Science Podcast, Sarah Crespi host of the Science Magazine Podcast, and Senior Multimedia Producer at Science chats with Professor Cryan about his recent Science article; she begins by commenting on the ‘intriguing links between our microbiomes and our brains’ and asks Professor Cryan ‘how important is the microbiome to the brain?’  Listen here to the full interview. (from 12:00 mins)

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