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Prof Cryan profiled in Der Spiegel

10 Sep 2019

Der Spiegel, the largest weekly news magazine in Germany, has profiled Prof John Cryan and his research work in its August 10th 2019 edition. Der Spiegel, (The Mirror) is one of the most widely circulated news magazines in Europe, and according to The Economist, is one of continental Europe's most influential1. Wissen, (Knowledge), Der Spiegel's bimonthly monothematic magazine also prominently features a profile of Prof Cryan's work in its 2019/3 edition.

Der Spiegel

In the Der Spiegel article: ‘Die Patienten können selbst etwas beitragen zu ihrer seelischen Gesundung’ (The patients themselves can contribute to their mental recovery), Prof John Cryan discusses the influence of intestinal microbes on the human brain and the relationship between diet and mental illness. 


In the 2019/3 volume of Der Spiegel's bimonthly magazine 'Wissen', Prof Cryan's work also features prominently. In this latest edition entitled 'Iss dich glücklich: Wie die richtige Ernährung Kӧrper und Seele stärkt (Eat yourself happy:How proper nutrition strengthens the body and soul), Prof Cryan is interviewed. In an 7-page article entitled 'So hängen Darm und Psyche zusammen' (how gut an psyche are related), Prof Cryan discusses among other topics; how the correct feeding of our gut bacteria will help us to lead a healthier and happier life.

Spiegel Wissen 3/2019:


Die Patienten können selbst etwas beitragen zu ihrer seelischen Gesundung:

Der Spiegel: So hängen Darm und Psyche zusammen:

 Spiegel Wissen 3/2019:

1"Der Spiegel and Germany's press: His country's mirror". The Economist. 16 November 2002. Mr Augstein's success in making Der Spiegel one of continental Europe's most influential magazines...

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