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DuPont & Elaine Patterson search for Mood Microbes

1 Jul 2019
Neuroscience graduate Elaine Patterson, at work in DuPont, Kantvik Finland

Neuroscience graduate Elaine Patterson, now a senior scientist with DuPont at its Health & Nutrition Sciences Lab in Kantvik, Finland, is profiled in 'Webwire' in an article entitled 'The Search for Mood Microbes -A look inside the next frontier in probiotics: the connection between gut bacteria and the brain'.


Elaine describes how she is "truly passionate about this research topic, It connects my two research backgrounds: neuroscience and microbiology. There’s a lot of attention on how probiotic intervention, or indeed the gut microbiome itself, can influence brain physiology, function, and even behavior.


Link here to the full article:


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