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Summer 2019 Graduations

21 Jun 2019
Dr Marcel van de Wouw, Dr Harriet Schellekens, Dr Shauna Wallace Fitzsimons, Dr Kenneth Howick, Dr Veronica Peterson

Congratulations to Dr Kenneth Howick, Dr Danka Kozareva, Dr Veronica Peterson, Dr Marcel van de Wouw and Dr Shauna Wallace Fitzsimons who were conferred with PhDs in Medicine and Health at the UCC summer conferrings on Thursday 20th June 2019


Dr Veronica Peterson, Dr Shauna Wallace Fitzsimons and Dr Marcel van de Wouw, students of Professor John F.Cryan

Veronica Peterson worked with supervisors Prof. John F. Cryan and Professor Ted Dinan, to completed her thesis "Comparative Compositional Analysis of the Gut Microbiome in Animal Models of Addiction and Stress", Veronica's PhD research was funded by APC Microbiome Ireland and SFI.

Shauna Wallace, presented her PhD thesis 'Oxytocin receptor heterodimerization; a novel convergence of central molecular signalling and GPCR crosstalk' under the supervision of Dr Harriet Schellekens, Professor John F. Cryan and Professor Ted Dinan.

Marcel van de Wouw, worked under the supervison of John F. Cryan and Professor Ted Dinan, Therapeutic Potential of Modulating the Microbiota Gut Immune Brain Axis for Stress and Neurodevelopmental Disorders was the title of his PhD thesis.


Dr Harriet Schellekens, with Dr Shauna Wallace Fitzsimons, and Dr Kenneth Howick


Dr Yvonne Nolan with Dr Danka Kozareva

Danka's PhD thesis examined Novel insights into the role of hippocampal TLX in neurogenesis, neuroinflammation and behaviour in adolescence and adulthood

Professor Ted Dinan with Dr Veronica Peterson

Dr Harriet Schellekens, Dr Kenneth Howick and Dr Brendan Griffin

Ken compeleted his PhD theisis 'Ghrelin System Signalling in Appetite and Reward: in vitro and in vivo perspectives' under the supervision of Dr Harriet Schellekens (Anatomy & Neuroscience), and Dr Brendan Griffin (Pharmacy)

Photographs B.Riedewald



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