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BioEssays cover features Cowan, Cryan article

9 Mar 2018
Dr Caitlin Cowan and Prof John Cryan.

Congratulations to Dr Caitlin Cowan et al. whose recent paper has been featured on the cover of BioEssays. 

Caitlin is a postdoctoral researcher in Prof John F. Cryan’s lab, working on an EU Joint Programming Initiative funded study, Healthmark (Metabolic HEALTH through nutrition, microbiota and tryptophan bioMARKers). The paper, entitled ‘Gutsy Moves: The Amygdala as a Critical Node in Microbiota to Brain Signaling’, describes the central role that the amygdala plays in regulating many aspects of behaviour in rodents and humans, from pain responding to social interaction and psychiatric function. As discussed by Cowan et al. accumulating evidence suggests that microbiota-to-amygdala communication along the gut-brain axis is a key modulator of these amygdala-dependent behaviours, with critical implications for health and disease.

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