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Recent Publication - Physics UCC and Tyndall

20 Apr 2023

"Refractory times for excitable dual-state quantum dot laser neurons"

M. Dillane, E. A. Viktorov, and B. Kelleher
Phys. Rev. E 107, 034216 – Published 31 March 2023



Excitable photonic systems show promise for ultrafast analog computation, several orders of magnitude faster than biological neurons. Optically injected quantum dot lasers display several excitable mechanisms with dual-state quantum lasers recently emerging as true all-or-none excitable artificial neurons. For use in applications, deterministic triggering is necessary and this has previously been demonstrated in the literature. In this work we analyze the crucially important refractory time for this dual-state system, which defines the minimum time between distinct pulses in any train.



Non-Linear Photonics and Dynamics Research Group, School of Physics, UCC in association with Tyndall National Institute

School of Physics

Scoil na Fisice

Room 213 (Physics Office), 2nd floor, Kane Science Building, University College Cork, Ireland.,