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Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics 2023

27 Mar 2023

Physics students Chaia Carroll and Matylda Supernak both attended the Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics 2023 event hosted by the University of Liverpool from the 23rd to 26th March. 

The purpose of this event is to host varied tours, talks and outreach activities to bring together undergraduate physics students who identify as women or non-binary. The focus is on the development of these students and to encourage their continued interest in physics while showcasing educational and professional options for their future. 

Both Chaia and Matylda had great things to say about this event including some suggestions going forward for UCC Physics. See some of their feedback shared below.


"My experience at CUWiP was incredibly positive, informative and memorable. The conference
itself involved lectures, workshops and a field trip (I went to Daresbury Laboratory). There were
approximately 130 students attending the conference from all over the UK (including
international students) as well as students from Trinity College and DCU. It was fantastic to
meet and connect with other like minded (female/non-binary) students as well as inspiring

"The workshops involved discussions about our personal experiences within physics as students in general and then more specifically as women/non-binary. It was super insightful."

Cavities that are immersed into a huge dewar of liquid Helium













"it was an amazing event"

"it taught me that the anxieties women/NB student’s experience in UCC are sadly very common
amongst all other universities, this produced a sense of community between the attendees
which was very comforting to experience. I would recommend attending the conference to any
woman/NB student in the future as this could help them overcome these anxieties" 

Jodrell Bank Observatory














We thank both students for attending the conference and for providing us with feedback and photos from the event.

Next year the conference is due to take place in Limerick to which we will be encouraging further student engagement. 

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