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Thursday, 13 May 20:00

Out of Orbit presents Collision, an explosion of fashion, dance, music, and the art of video editing. This contemporary production showcases sustainable clothing, dance, and fashion modeling, and embraces femininity without fear of judgement. In a festival curated by an all-female team, the intention behind this video is to present fashion as a work of art. In developing this work, the curators aim to explore the body as a canvas for expression and eye contact as a symbol of self-confidence. With the pandemic breaking the traditional cycle of the runway fashion show and the symbol associated with the in-person invitation, Collision aims to find an innovative way to create online content in a space where the elitism of the fashion invitation is obsolete. Filmed by the models’ in their homes and private space, Collision also highlights the blended lines between public and private space for younger generations in an online world and works to make art fun and relatable for people who may not always engage with it. Through the styling of three distinct looks, the models will move/dance in accordance with the fashion they are wearing. Collision gives these young designers a platform to display their work in a new way. Get ready for a 7 minute piece amalgamating modeling, dance and stunning sustainable fashion designs and experience the collision of art in all its forms. There is a front-row seat waiting for you.

Models: Ali Condon, Alicia Donnelly, Emma Greally, Hannah Phipps, Lauren Holohan, Siobhan Buggy

Designers: Aoife Feroce Fashion, Bourkily Design, elladesigns_ , Ella Moya Design, Sweet Pea Jewellery

Producer: Tara-Anne Smyth

The Artists

Ali Condon

Ali specialises in contemporary and commercial dance, and is thrilled to dip her toe into the modelling world. She has competed for award-winning Dance Squads during her three years in DCU Dance and performed on national stages across the country. Ali has had a blast helping to bring Collision to life and is so excited for everyone to see what we have been working on.


Alicia Donnelly

Alicia is a 23-year-old digital content creator with a love for all things social media, fashion, lifestyle, and fun. Alicia started her YouTube channel back in November 2020 and is loving creating videos and stepping out of her comfort zone. After finishing up her degree in Communications Studies in 2019, she is currently working in Marketing. She also has a love for music, acting, and drama and at present is finishing a course in screen acting with the Lir.

Emma Greally

Emma is an outgoing, creative, marketing graduate currently living in London. Her interests include fashion, travel and anything outdoors. This is Emma’s first modelling experience and she has absolutely loved being part of Collision and would definitely do more things like this in the future.

Hannah Phipps

Hannah, 23, is a former ballet student from Dublin. Hannah took classes in RAD ballet for almost 17 years, and performed in venues such as the Helix and the O’Reilly Theatre. During her time in DCU, she danced as a chorus member in DCU Drama’s production of Chicago and modelled in the DCU Style Society Fashion Show. Hannah loves all things fashion and beauty and she is absolutely over the moon to be part of the Out of Orbit Festival!

Lauren Holohan

Lauren was very excited when Tara asked her to be a part of the Out of Orbit festival way back in 2020. Lauren trained in gymnastics from the age of 5 until 17, competing in competitions all around the world. She has also taken dance classes throughout her younger years in Jazz, Modern, Ballet. When she came to DCU gymnastics took a bit of a back seat and dancing became her main passion.  At DCU, she danced competitively on the Contemporary and Mixed Piece intervarsity squads  and was also on the Heels squad too.Dancing to Tara and Amy Doyle’s choreography in 2019, the Contemporary Squad took home 3rd place. Since then, the Contemporary squad was handed over to Lauren and her co-choreographer Siobhán Buggy, which has been one of the highlights of her DCU Dance career so far. While the past year has consisted of virtual classes and dancing in her sitting room, dancing is still one of the main things in life that makes her happy.

Photo: Ciara Reddy 

Siobhan Buggy

Siobhan has been dancing since the age of four. She is trained in ballet and jazz and has been co-choreographer of the DCU Dance contemporary squad for the last two years. Siobhan is currently a final year Bachelor of Education student in DCU, and sits as vice chair of the Dance society. Dance and the arts have always held a massive place in Siobhan’s heart and she is excited to be a part of something that showcases the talent of artists around Ireland.

Photo: Ciara Reddy

Aoife Feroce Fashion

Aoife O'Dwyer is a graduate of Limerick School of art and design with a BA in fashion design where she studied for 4 years. Her mini collection was inspired by the moon landing and outer space and her graduate collection was inspired by her childhood. She now works from her studio based in Tipperary where she began her new fashion label from.

Bourkily Design

Emily Bourke, owner of Bourkily, has had a lifelong love affair with colour. A kaleidoscope of colour is seen throughout her work, with bright and bold patterns being her speciality. Drawn to the beauty and the vibrant colours within nature, her work often includes motifs inspired by the natural world. Maximalism is at the heart of her work. In her textile design, she is drawn to busy, detailed works which leave you finding something new every time you come back to it. A quirky and colourful budding designer, Emily hopes to pursue a career within the fashion or interior industry after her studies.


elladesigns_ is a sustainable brand that supports slow fashion with all the pieces being handmade by the designer Ella Munroe. Ella began her small business during lockdown and is an advocate for up cycling and reworking new clothes. She wants to make unique funky pieces that young people will feel confident and cool in. Her designs are all about experimenting and being creative.

Ella Moya Design

The style of Ella Moya Design is playful, colourful girliness! Ella Gleeson, the designer, has always loved using colour within her work, especially the colour pink. She often felt shame for using so much pink and Ella Moya Design is about getting rid of that shame and embracing femininity in a playful way. Her motifs and colour palettes are mainly inspired by nature, but some of them are inspired by the idea of play itself. She often uses pastel colours because of their soft nature. Overall, she wants people to have garments to wear that embrace the fun, playful and feminine sides of themselves. Ella hopes to go down the route of textile design when she finishes college, however she has a passion for psychology too, and would love to incorporate textile fashion design and psychology together in some way. 


Sweet Pea Jewellery

Sweet Pea is all about having fun and expressing yourself through accessories. Chloe Wynne, the designer of Sweet Pea, is inspired by nature’s magic and childish whimsy, Sweet Pea is where they meet in a quirky and playful fairy-like realm.


Video Editor: Tara-Anne Smyth

Department of Theatre

Roinn na hAmharclannaíochta

Muskerry Villas, Western Road, Cork City T12 AW97