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"Will You Stay and Watch Me Dying' 9pm Fri 30th Nov, 7pm Sat 1st Dec.

15 Nov 2018

Phd candidate Patricia Klich presents “Will You Stay and Watch Me Dying”
Dates & Times: 
9pm Fri 30th Nov - Open Dress Reheasal 
7pm Sat 1st Dec

“Will You Stay and Watch Me Dying” is an exploration of theatre through transmedia performance installation which focuses on the interaction between live performance and media elements. The performance examines the possibilities of transmedial post-traumatic theatre, seeking to provide new perspectives in the area of performative and visual arts and their interaction with multimedia technologies.
This performance attempts to investigate how the medium of theatre addresses mechanisms of violence and power, and the role of sacrifice within them; the ambivalence of love and hate; the trauma of separation and loneliness in the face of death; the dark and cruel side of human nature, displaced beyond humanity; injustice and guilt, which cannot be clearly defined; and the unspeakable loss inscribed, at times, within love. A sense of injustice and guilt forms at this unbreakable weave, which combines the executioner and the victim, whose functions are not exhausted in a single dramatic act, but begin an avalanche of ambivalent attitudes and feelings which are never a matter of only a single individual.
Such issues ties strongly to the post traumatic holocaust experience phenomena of witnessing and bystanding, subjecting the issues of sacrifice and otherness to performance; at the same time depicting unbearable suffering, which concerns not only the victims but also those who are linked to it, and those who face it.

Directed by: Patricia Klich

Dramaturgy: Scott C Walsh & Patricia Klich

Claire Loy
Rosa Mäkelä
Tom Kibbe
Eddie Dean
Frank Prendergast
Mark D'Aughton
Golden Arrtrem
and Lucija Madajczak

Original live soundscape by Harry Moore.

Live camera:Maciek Klich

Light design: Alan Chawke

Videos: Patricia Klich

Tickets: €8 suggested at the door. Donated to charity. 

PLEASE NOTE - The show contains male nudity and strong language. Not suitable for minors. 

Circus Factory
Centre Park House, Centre Park Road

For more on this story contact:

Patricia Klich (IRC Scholar and PhD candidate)


Department of Theatre

Muskerry Villas

Western Road

University College Cork

Department of Theatre

Roinn na hAmharclannaíochta

Muskerry Villas, Western Road, Cork City T12 AW97