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Journey - Art Installation & Durational Dance Performance

10 Jan 2017

On every hour there will be a 30' video follow by a 10' art/sound installation. Also during the entire duration of the event there will be an exhibition of images/videos and a solo durational dance performance (6 hours) where audience are free to stay as long as they wish. Free entrance. This is part of Inma Pavons PhD. All welcome.


What will be happening and where?
A-In the Musgrave room there will be a showing, every hour, of a dance film called LAYERS 12345, duration 30 minutes, and in the Studio 4 there will be a 10 minutes sound and art exhibition.
B-From 1pm until 7pm there will be also two permanent events happening one in the Chandelier room, photography/short film documentation, and another in Studio 1, where I will be performing.

A section will be only on every hour (1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm and 6pm) and B section will be on from the entire duration of the event (1pm until 7pm).

You can see section A first and then section B, or the other way around.
Looking forward to it!!
Please feel free to share it with your friends too.

Important notice: Section A is not suitable for children!!!

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