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The Wonderism Festival | Thursday 30th March 2023 | All Day Event | Cork Opera House 

27 Feb 2023

The Wonderism Festival: A Cork Opera House Creating Together Production in Association with the Department of Theatre, University College Cork (UCC). 

The Wonderism Festival is curated by the cohort of producers emerging from the MA in Arts Management and Creative Producing at University College Cork in partnership with Cork Opera House. Using conventional and unconventional spaces within Cork Opera House and taking place on Thursday March 30th, this is a one-day festival for everyone, with the theme of ‘Childlike Wonder’ at its centre. Our programme comprises an exciting range of music, art and storytelling showcasing both emerging and established artists alongside students from Cork. 
A Wondrous Life | Main Stage, Cork Opera House | 7.30pm | Ticketed €5 / €10 | Age 5+ 
Art(y) Part(y) | Foyer, Cork Opera House | ALL DAY FREE | All Ages 
Behind The Curtain | Backstage, Cork Opera House | 2:30pm – 5:30pm | Ticketed €3 / €5 | Age 5+ 
Wonderism” is an imagined word which represents a nugget of joy and creativity intended to spark a feeling of childlike wonder.  
We aim to cultivate multidisciplinary and joyful experiences in the arts for everyone, we invite our audiences to immerse themselves in adventures of play and wonder. 
We aspire to contribute to Cork’s creativity by bringing together audiences and artists while encouraging curiosity through the arts. 
Three main strands of arts events include Music, Storytelling and Visual Art. The finale concert, A Wondrous Life, interprets the festival theme of Childlike Wonder from a nostalgic angle to evoke the emotions of one's journey in life. The storytelling programme, Behind the Curtain, hopes to share diverse stories in the light of the magic and wonder of childhood in an intimate and unconventional location in the Cork Opera House. Art(y) Part(y) adopts the idea of an immersive art installation experience to transform the foyer of Cork Opera House. 
Tickets available at Cork Opera House Box Office 

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