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Perforum Presents Roderick Ford - Weds 1st March

20 Feb 2023

UCC is delighted to present the Spring 2023 Perforum Series, curated by UCC and Cork Opera House Theatre Artist-in-Residence, Jody O’Neill. The season will explore creating theatre and dance through the lens of disability. 

Roderick Ford - The Poetics of Otherness

1st March 2023

2:15 in the Granary Theatre 

Roderick Ford is an autistic poet with many awards and shortlistings, two collections, and a poem on the UK National Curriculum since 2015.  His work is concerned with otherness, othering and life subsumed in another neurological order. 

His magic-realist play Daughter of God will be produced at The Granary Theatre in the second week of March.  In the play, Yulia, a single mother, has three daughters two of whom are disabled: one has crippled legs, the other is brain-damaged and kept in a cage.  In the world outside their flat, an emergent fascist state is brutally "cleansing" disabled people from society... 

For this event, Roderick will be joined by cast member, Eleanor Walsh for a conversation with Jody O’Neill. Among other things, they will discuss their our individual approaches as autistic people to writing and performing for theatre in a neurotypical world. 

Eleanor Walsh is a performer, writer, storyteller, and an autism and disability advocate. Recent credits include Yellow (Jody O'Neill), The Amanda (Saoirse) Show (Scream for Ireland), What I (Don't) Know About Autism (Abbey Theatre), Home: Part One (Abbey Theatre), and Dear Ireland: Part One (These Four Walls by Sinéad Burke) (Abbey Theatre). Eleanor is featured in "Be Inspired! Young Irish People Changing the World" by Sarah Webb, published by O'Brien Press. 


Daughter of God next week (8-11th March) in the Granary Theatre -

Neurofestivity - An Exploration and Celebration of Neurodiverse Art -

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