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13 May 2019
Adult Acting Evening Class Group Photo

Experiences from the Adult Acting Evening Courses with Jack Healy



"it was a great experience to be part of the amazing little theatre family we created in jack's last acting class for beginners. to show and use your emotions, to learn what a great instrument your voice is, to overcome blocks and find out what you are capable of. to see how great silence can be and not to forget - the commitment. all that made me looking forward to each new class and get new experiences in acting. i'm also looking forward to the advanced class in autumn and thank's a lot to jack for his patience and passion about acting."

 katharina winters


a fun and informal class with like-minded people. this acting class provides a safe space to try something new and creative, using the actor’s fabric (the self).

rosie shanahan


The Goblin Market FYP Group singing


“when i decided to take part to the drama class i was trying to get better after many situations that were creating sufferance in my life, i was  in a dark mood for really long and one day 
i made a plan and i decided to build my days from a certain day on based just on things that could make me happy or at least better than i was.
theatre and arts have always been part of my life.
theatre was always to me like a lover that didn’t really love me.
so i have always been in love but i have always had conflicting feelings about it.
when i decided to try the acting class here in ireland i took that as a way to feel better with no expectations and meant to be just a way to feel nice things, sharing the experience with nice and deep people and improve a bit my english and try to get rid (at least a bit)of my italian accent.
your acting class made me feel better every single time.
i felt safe.
i loved the people around me.
i loved the free way to experience our voices, our body expressions and apply that to a text or a small play.
it was fun but always also teaching me something new and useful.
it was nice that you always made me feel “good” enough and i have never felt judged or “not enough “ and i think everyone there felt the same.
the atmosphere, the general feeling was lovely and full of understanding.
when you try to act with the aim of a performance in a theatre or for a job you are full of expectations, in this situation there were no such expectations but i enjoyed different aspects of myself related to acting or “performing”
feeling joyful just reading a few lines was a real gift. there were days in which i was just stuck at work and maybe i felt no energy or not in a good  mood to come there but then when i was there i was surprised on how much that was changing my perspective and my mood.
thank you for your gift so!”

roberta de angelis

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