UCC Film and Screen Media Student's Showcase Event, Fastnet Film Festival, Saturday 27th May 12pm, Village Hall, Schull.

22 May 2017
UCC Film and Sceen Media Showcase at this year's Fastnet Film Festival.

UCC Film and Screen Media Students Showcase a selection of their work at the 2017 Fastnet Film Festival, Schull, Co. Cork.

Students will be presenting a line-up of 6 short films, 2 of the best from each year.
"Sound Affect | Michael Hussey & Antoine Thomas | Documentary | Ireland | 16min
A documentary film about the affect of music on the creative process.
What’s in a cup? | Emma Creaner | Fiction | Ireland | 7min
John and his son Darragh have never been the most open about their feelings but attempt to connect with one another over a cup of tea.
A Change of Heart | Amy O’Callaghan | Fiction | Ireland | 12min 
In an alternate reality, where giving someone your heart is taken in the literal sense, trusting someone is that bit more difficult. Heather and Sam would like to think they are different, but they will soon realise otherwise.
The Bugler’s Son | Alex Sanchez Ballestin | Documentary | Ireland | 14min
John Buss is a fifty year old Englishman living in Ireland. He owns two tanks, and has agreed to let us into his house and show us his "toys".
IDOL | John Gleeson | Fiction | Ireland | 14min 
Ozzy is an eccentric video blogger whose noisy performances annoy his neighbours to the point of threatening violence. But in Ozzy’s world, he is the one who calls the shots, so he will not take this threat lightly.
Just a Bit of Banter | Shaun McWhinney | Fiction | Ireland | 8min
Alex, and Josh, are on lookout in a post-apocalyptic society but have some difficulty getting along.
Total running time: 71 min”
Watch the trailer for the event here:
All Welcome to Attend!

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