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Signals from the gut to the brain act as regulators of the fear response.

16 May 2017
From left: Dr Ger Clarke Prof John F.Cryan & Alan Hoban checking out their fear responses. Photo Clare Keogh

A paper by Prof John Cryan, Dr Alan Hoban and Dr Gerard Clarke published recently in the journal Molecular Psychiatry has generated considerable interest in the Press. The research team have discovered a link between gut bacteria and the regulation of fear responses. 'It is turning upside down how we might develop strategies for fear and anxiety. It is a very exciting time for us” said Prof Cryan

National and Local papers have have profiled the work of the research team led by Professor Cryan.

Irish Examiner: New research raises possibility of treating trauma by manipulating gut bacteria

Irish Times:Scientists link gut bacteria to anxiety disorders 

Independent: Ignore your gut reaction: scientists say microbes can help conquer fear 

Cork Independent:That gut feeling! Cork research shows its role in fear responses

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