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Department researchers Hegarty O'Keeffe & Sullivan put heart into their work

16 Feb 2017
First edition cover of Neuronal Signalling. Co-contributors of cover image from left Dr Gerard O'Keeffe, Prof Aideen Sullivan Editor in Chief Neuronal Signalling and Dr Shane Hegarty. (Photo B.Riedewald)

Congratulations to Shane Hegarty, Gerard O'Keeffe and Aideen Sullivan whose image has been selected for the cover of the recently launced journal 'Neuronal Signaling'.

The cover image “The heart of the brain”: the developing midbrain. A seasonal image which coincides with Valentine's day for the cover of the February publication was provided by Shane Hegarty, Gerard O'Keeffe and Aideen Sullivan. The image shows a coronal section of embryonic day 16.5 mouse midbrain, immunohistochemically stained for tyrosine hydroxylase and green fluorescent protein (GFP). GFP is used to track the expression of signaling molecules that play critical roles in the development of midbrain dopamine neurons, with the aim of translating this information into novel therapies for Parkinson's disease, which is caused by degeneration of this neuronal population.

(Photo B.Riedewald)

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