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Prof. Cryan's research profiled in Irish Examiner & Sunday Times

24 Feb 2017

The Sunday Times and Irish Examiner both profiled the work of Professor John Cryan and his team in their publications this week.

The Sunday Times article featured in their SELF supplement published on the 19th February. In this article Prof Cryan discusses with Danielle Barron how knowledge of the Microbiome is growing daily and the potential benefits in terms of disease treatment and prevention are enormous. Cryan's team along with Prof Ted Dinan are particularly interested in how the microbiome is imlpicated in brain health, "simply, we believe you can change your brain by changing the microbes in your gut". "This area of "nutritional psychiatry may be where the next great breakthrough in managing mental health disorders lies" Prof Cryan explains.

The Irish Examiner article by Clodagh Finn "What's the secret to happiness? Turns out may be your gut", takes a look at the results of adding a probiotic to the daily diet, Prof Cryan and his team have show how it can improve reactions to stress. The article also looks at the work being done in the Cryan lab on the effect of naturally occuring prebiotics on brain chemistry "If those findings could be translated to humans, it would open the way for a whole new ‘psychobiotic’ way of managing stress-related disorders, such as depression and anxiety disorders" explains Professor Cryan. Link to full Examiner article here

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