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Anatomy for Transition Year five day Programme

28 Nov 2017
Anatomy class in FLAME laboratory Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience

The Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience will host Transition Year students for a 5 day course exploring the structure and function of the human body at multiple levels. The course will take place April 30th – May 4th 2018. Places are limited.


This course will be of interest to students planning studies in human anatomy, and for those interested in pursuing careers in medicine or other health-care fields. Successful applicants have an opportunity to study and work alongside staff and students in the department of Anatomy and Neuroscience getting exposure to careers in Anatomy, Neuroscience, Medical Education & Simulation. The week will also include a visit to the Boole Library and a guided tour of UCC campus.

The transition year anatomy five day course will explore the structure and function of the human body at multiple levels: individual cells, their coming together to form tissues, the organisation of tissues into organs, organs working together as parts of organ systems, and finally how those organ systems support one another to maintain the body. Normal structure and function are presented as a starting point, and then the effects of disease processes on structure and function are examined. The effects of disease are also considered at multiple levels, from cells to organ systems, and then beyond the effects on individuals to how diseases affect populations and societies.

Limited Places:  closing date for applications 30/01/2018  

Link to application form here:  Anatomy for Transition Year Application Pack 2018

Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience

Anatamaíocht agus Néareolaíocht

Room 2.33, 2nd Floor, Western Gateway Building, University College, Cork, Ireland