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UCC Choir sing Dance of the Cherry Trees with John Spillane on Late Late

25 Apr 2016
Dr Eithne Hunt (Department of Occupational Therapy) and Dr Yvonne Nolan chat with Ryan Tubridy before the show.

Congratulations to Dr Yvonne Nolan Department of Anatomy & Neuroscience and the UCC Choir who performed 'The Dance of the Cherry Trees' with singer songwriter John Spillane on the Late Late Show RTE 1 on  Friday 22nd April 2016.

Directed by Dr. Eva McMullan the University College Cork Choir comprises students from the UCC School of Music and Theatre as well as staff members from across the university campus. The Choir performs regularly both on and off campus and is known for its innovative collaborations with prominent solo artists.

John Spillane is a musician, songwriter, performer, recording artist, storyteller, poet, dreamer – a canvass filled with color and brilliance.  His music transports the listener; his live performance captivates the audience.  In a world filled with strife and upheaval, a time-out with John Spillane is enough to ease the load a bit on anyone lucky enough to bask in his light. The man and his music are pure magic.



UCC Choir, Ryan Tubridy and John Spillane in the Late Late Show studio before The Late Late Show on Friday night.

Dr Yvonne Nolan and Dr Eithne Hunt


‌‌UCC Choir performing 'The Dance of the Cherry Blossoms' with singer songwriter John Spillane.‌


UCC Choir conducted by Dr Eva Mc Mullen

Dr Yvonne Nolan back left, with the UCC Choir and John Spillane on The Late Late Show

‌‌The Late Late Show Friday 22nd April 2016 on RTE Player-  link here

Location 1:12:00 or 71mins

Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience

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