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Philip Boucher-Hayes explores Gut Science with John Cryan on RTE 1 Series

6 May 2016
Philip Boucher-Hayes with Professor John Cryan in his research laboratory

The latest Episode of the RTE Series 'What are you eating?' broadcast on RTE One on Wednesday 5th May 2016 featured a visit by RTE presenter Philip Boucher-Hayes to John Cryan's research laboratories to find out about our 'Second Brain', and how brain gut communication plays an important role in all aspects of our health and in many diseases.


Philip Boucher-Hayes views brain cells 'light up with hunger' under the microscope with the additon of the  "hunger hormone" Ghrelin and discusses the applications of this work as an appetite stimulator in sick patients and as an appetite supressor in obese patients.

Prof Cryan takes Philip to the Anatomy FLAME laboratory to explain brain gut communication and how in the  future almost all health conditions could potentially be targeted in some way by monitoring bacteria in the gut.

Research scientists Dr. Valeria Felice above right and Ms Shauna Wallace and Dr Kieran Rea working in Professor Cryan's research group.

‌Watch the full programme on the RTE Player.

'What are you Eating?' Season1 Episode 6 is available until Friday 03 June 2016 on the RTE player. (begins at 12.10 mins) Link here

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