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October 2016 Graduations

1 Nov 2016
Dr Harriƫt Schellekens, Surabhi Theratile, Anna Connelly and Professor John Cryan

Congratulations to Anna Connolly and Surabhi Theratile who both graduated with MSc in Anatomy at the Autumn College of Medicine and Health conferring ceremony held on 28th October 2016.

Working with Dr Harriet Schellekens and Prof. John Cryan in the BioSciences Institute, UCC. Anna Connolly graduated with an MSc having completing a thesis entitled "Novel interactions between the ghrelin 1a and serotonin 2C receptors".  Anna previously completed her BSc in Neuroscience in UCC, receiving the title of college scholar, and was highly commended in the 2014 Undergraduate Awards for her final year project.  Anna is currently pursuing an opporunity to broaden her experience in industry.  

Surabhi Theratile, also a recent Neuroscience graduate from UCC completed a thesis entitled 'Novel Insights into Ghrelin-Monoamine Interactions within the Hippocampus'. Surabhi's MSc research  focused on the functional relevance of the recently identified cross talk between the ghrelinergic, dopaminergic and serotoninergic systems using an electrophysiological approach. To this end, she used a multielectrode electrophysiology platform, which was recently set-up within the department, and demonstrated functional relevance of crosstalk between these receptors in rodent brain slices.


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