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IN HER HEAD, Final Year Adaptations Showcase - Wed 17th and Thursday 18th April, Granary Theatre, @ 7pm

12 Apr 2024

IN HER HEAD consists of three short theatre adaptations created by UCC Department of Theatre Final Year students. A common thread running through the three pieces is the experience of being a woman in the world.

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IN HER HEAD is the title chosen by the 2024 group of Final Year students from the UCC Department of Theatre for the showcase of their Performance Projects. Their task has been to take a previously published short story, poem, myth, or legend of their choice and adapt it for stage. 'The Story of an Hour', by Kate Chopin, 'The Possibility of Evil', by Shirley Jackson, and 'Vodnik', by Karel Jaromír Erben are the three stories that have been chosen for adaptation. A common thread running through the three pieces that make up IN HER HEAD is the experience of being a woman in the world. The pieces range from 10 - 20 minutes, with a total duration of approx. 60 minutes, no interval.

The performances will take place Wed 17th April and Thur 18th April at 7pm in the Granary Theatre.

Event is free but ticketed:




Presented by SCCAM (Maeve Ennis, Serena Giordanengo, Aibhín Kennedy, Ciara Maguire, Chloe Stewart)


How much can happen in an hour? Escape from the restrictions of patriarchal society? A woman trapped in a marriage finally finding freedom? This is the story of Louise. An adaptation of Kate Chopin’s “The Story of an Hour” and the result of collaboration and creativity between five women with feminist lenses as their guide. They invite the audience on an immersive journey deep into Louise’s psyche, navigating the turbulent waters of love, loss, and the quest for freedom.


LE DOUX PARFUM DES ROSES (The sweet fragrance of roses)

Presented by Sevivas Productions (Dorothée Karekezi)

“Secrets, secrets, are no fun. Secrets, secrets hurt someone.” Le doux parfum des roses (The sweet fragrance of roses), an adaptation of Shirley Jackson’s short story, “The Possibility of Evil”, follows a typical day in the well organised and fragranced life of Adela Strangeworth. The piece uses comedy, grotesque and absurd elements to illustrate the ordinary cruelty of people, and the dramatic consequences that can hide behind conservatism.



Presented by Underwater Productions (Dominika Bobkiewicz, Patrycja Leszczynska, Rozarie Vlcová)


A young woman seeks freedom but finds herself trapped in an abusive marriage with an unwanted child. Vodník, an adaptation of the Czech writer Karel Jaromír Erben’s epic poem of the same title, follows the story of a young girl lured into marriage by a mythological creature who dwells underwater where he traps the souls of his victims. The piece puts the spotlight on the female character and explores the suffocating nature of societal expectations towards women.

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