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FOREGROUNDS 2017 - Drama and Theatre Studies Final Year Productions

17 Feb 2017
theatre Drama UCC Cork

Running 8th - 11th March in the Granary Theatre

Tickets €10/5

FOREGROUNDS 2017 showcases the theatre-making talents of final year single and joint honours students in Drama & Theatre Studies at UCC.

A theatre evening in two parts, FOREGROUNDS 2017 presents 21st Century adaptations of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ by Lewis Carroll, The Tain, Orpheus and Eurydice, ‘The Canterville Ghost’ by Oscar Wilde and a piece of documentary film adapted from the real life experience of a lung transpantee.

Each piece was selected based on the relevance of its timeless thematic quality and of how such themes are mirrored in contemporary culture and society today.

Five different stories examine the gauntlet of human existence from motherhood to near death, from ancient history to contemporary issues, through people, puppets, shadow and words, spoken and sung. Each of the five stories is presented by different groups/performers with their own unique aesthetic and approach to theatre making showcasing a wealth of young emerging Irish talent.

Act 1:

Ask Alice.

Ask Alice follows the stories of four different women each attempting to cope with four life altering scenarios through the lens of an other-worldly journey in an attempt to introspectively figure out who they are as people. The story of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is adapted here for the purpose of commenting on social issues like mental health, body image, sexual assault, consent and motherhood. Although, the subject matter is quite serious, we have chosen to explore these issues through puppetry, physical movement and live music throughout. They will also be a laugh or two in there too. Come and join us on a whacky journey, who knows, you may discover something about yourself too!


Life after Life

“The tragedy of life is not death but what we let die inside of us while we live.” – Norman Cousins.

Many questions in life are left to the sidelines. Sometimes it’s because such questions are difficult to ask or address. For some that isn’t an option. For some to address the questions most of us fear is a matter of simple survival. But what are their answers? Turns out that they are not simple and are often very personal.

A documentary quickly becomes a journey of understanding. Perspectives are laid bare. And through it all one thing remains constant……..


“What A Load Of Bull!”

Two lovers entwined in a marriage bed,

in a past life, they wore crowns on their head.


High Royalty in Éireann, they ruled firm and fair,

but for their jewels and riches, they did more care.


A battle ensued, one kingdom against another,

and so CúChulainn did kill his own brother.


The Bull a beacon of strength in the night,

was lost in the battle, the last final fight.


So who was to blame for the bloody, dark war,

The Táin Bó Cuailnge, what was in for.


Replayed in time, between women and men,

and through reincarnation, this tale told again.


Act 2: 



Presented by Oh!Scare Wilde Productions

Written in 1887 by the late, great Oscar Wilde, The Canterville Ghost is a tale of redemption, identity and the greater truth. As told from the perspective of an existentially depressed ghost, the story strikes at the heart of the human experience. It asks the who, what, where, when and why not of what it means to be alive, and dead.

This adaptation is brought to life by Oh!Scare Wilde Productions, a company of four players to whom this means everything material and immaterial. We hope you are changed by the experience.


Eurydice and the Lovely Things. 

Preasented by The Lovely Things

Experience a classic Greek legend reimagined by four lovely things. *This piece utilises audience participation.”

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