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Department of Theatre and Covid-19, Autumn 2020 - Updated 10th Sept

11 Aug 2020

For new and continuing students in the Department of Theatre, at all levels:

The Department of Theatre is undertaking a rigorous exercise with external health and safety consultants to identify the kinds of teaching we will be able to deliver next year in each module. Because of the particular needs of Theatre, we are taking some time to work through these issues in order to give you the *best learning experience possible* while *keeping you as safe as possible*. 

Updated 10th Sept - Link to time tables Semester 1



Right now (as of 10 August) we expect to deliver:

  • Some teaching by *socially distanced face-to-face delivery*, such as small group work, or a group doing practical work in multiple studios at the same time, or sometimes outdoors on campus. 
  • Some teaching by *blended learning*: a mixture of some face-to-face contact, combined with guided distance delivery
  • And some teaching by full distance delivery.
  • There will likely be some modules delivered in each of the modalities above. 

If a student needs to self-isolate, they will be able to follow the teaching at a distance even if the rest of the class is present, live. We are developing a dissemination interface so that even studio classes will be able to be followed at a distance if required. 

How your exact teaching will be delivered will depend on: 

  • The nature of the module and its content
  • The control measures required to reduce risk of Covid transmission for that kind of teaching activity in the performing arts (such as voice and movement practice, or shared rehearsal, or theatre games), and 
  • The emerging science regarding Covid-19 and the performing arts.
  • Also, of course, we will follow the prevailing government advice, which may change if the rates of infection increase. 

One-to-one meetings with staff, and contact with the Department Administrator, Lyndsey Haugh, are likely to be delivered by audio or video contact. 

We are preparing online induction materials so that you will know how to meet, rehearse, when and where you need to be, how we share responsibility for preventing Covid transmission, and how we create community with one another. 

We will be ready to pivot whenever required, and will be able to move quickly between live to remote learning, then back to live delivery again if needed. We are great improvisers! 

The Granary Theatre has been allocated as a teaching-only space for this year in order to ensure we have large areas in which to teach and rehearse while maintaining social distancing. 


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