Margaret McCarthy


Raised on the family farm in County Cork, Ireland, Mags McCarthy (Mags) is a spell binding, captivating vocalist, dancer and multi- instrumentalist. Mags began her musical arts pursuit as a four-year-old studying Irish dance by Peggy McTaggart. Catering to an insatiable musical hunger, Mags expanded her curriculum to explore and learn a wide variety of dance styles as well as musical instruments with her primary focus eventually settling on fiddle. Courted by the world-renowned Irish dance troupe, ‘Rhythm of The Dance’, the UCC (University College Cork) honours post graduate became a global sensation quite literally overnight. The young singer-songwriter has since toured 42-plus countries to date, performing before millions as a principal lead in the troupe and later as a solo artist. High points include performing in the White House in 2009 and being onstage with the delightful Ms. Dolly Parton in 2006 at Dollywood. She has completed a BMUS degree, a Masters in Ethnomusicology and a Higher Diploma in Education at UCC. She was taught Irish dance by the world renowned dance teacher Peggy McTaggart. Mags is currently teaching Irish dance to the students at UCC.

Department of Music

Roinn an Cheoil

T23 HF50