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Jason Ng


Jason Ng (Postdoctoral Fellow) is a graduate of Monash University in Melbourne Australia. He has diverse experience in researching and teaching communications, globalization, media studies and cultural studies in Australia and across Asia. His PhD research examines contemporary hip hop exchanges facilitated by passionate community leaders framed as cross-cultural intermediaries. These cultural agents work at the intersection of local hip hop forms and international flows of content and communications (around dance, music and the broader cultural ethos) through cultural entrepreneurship, social activism and working with corporate and governmental bodies to create sustainable businesses, events and work for creatives in the Asia-Pacific region.

Through ethnographic case studies across five global cities (Incorporating Tokyo, Bangkok, Shanghai, Melbourne and Singapore) Jason’s thesis provides a cross-national comparative lens to examine the influence of these figures and their work in facilitating local and regional connectivity and belonging. In addition to his PhD research, Jason also has an extensive knowledge of the field from his own critical practice as an artist (through dance, film, music, theatre and event management) and long-term participation in hip hop culture.Man standing against a white wall

Department of Music

Roinn an Cheoil

T23 HF50