Dara O'Brien


Dara O'Brien is a composer, performer (sitar, guitar), music educator and music therapist. He recently completed his doctoral studies at UCC School of Music and Theatre where he teaches Indian classical music and sitar. Dara has extensive experience composing music for contemporary dance and film/video art, and is co-director of Shakram Dance Company. He also co-directs the Indian Classical Music Society of Ireland. His performances include Indian classical music, "fusion" and experimental music (National Concert Hall, Festival of World Cultures, Electric Picnic, Bray Jazz Festival, The View, RTE 1 television, music for dance). Dara has worked with Common Ground and as a MUS-E artist, exploring alternative arts education for the disadvantaged, and currently works in the field of autism.
"extraordinary musician and composer";the genius of amazing Irish instrumentalist Dara O'Brien. - Patrick Brennan, Irish Examiner

<a href="www.shakramdance.com " title="www.shakramdance.com ">www.shakramdance.com </a>

Ph.D. thesis:
<a href="https://cora.ucc.ie/handle/10468/1864 " title="https://cora.ucc.ie/handle/10468/1864 ">https://cora.ucc.ie/handle/10468/1864 </a>

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