Sound Affect"

2nd year project | Documentary | 16min | 2017.
Anoine Thomas | Michael Hussey | Colin Prum | David Walsh

A documentary film about the affect of music on the creative process.

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The Bugler's Son"

2nd year project | Documentary | 14min | 2017.
Alex Sanchez Ballestin | Ruadhan Jones | Katie Long | Jack O'Dwyer

John Buss is a fifty year old Englishman living in Ireland. He owns two tanks, and has agreed to let us into his house and show us his "toys".

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Bodies in the Woods"

2nd year project | Documentary | 15min | 2017.
Lara Madden | Emma Hanley | Roisin Harrington

A documentary film about murdered remains found in a County Clare woods.

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