Recent Graduations: CoMH Summer 2023 Conferrings

13 Jul 2023
Dr Chiara Minuto PhD (with her daughter) and supervisors Professors John Cryan, Ger Clarke & Ted Dinan

Congratulations to Dr Joana Cruz-Pereira and Dr Chiara Minuto who were conferred with PhDs, and Adam Lannon who was conferred with an MSc (Research) at the Summer UCC College of Medicine and Health Conferrings held on 23rd June 2023

The graduates happily posed for photographs with their supervisors after the conferring ceremony.  Dr Joana Cruz-Pereira and Dr Chiara Minuto were joined by their supervisors Professor John Cryan, Professor Ger Clarke and Professor Ted Dinan at the Summer Conferrings where they were both conferred with PhDs. Adam Lannon was photographed with his supervisors Professor John Cryan & Dr Rachel Moloney after his conferring with an MSc (Research). Congratulations all

See below photographs of the graduates.

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