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Professor Cryan profiled on "10 things to know about..." TV show

21 Dec 2022

10 things to know about... presenter Kathriona Devereux chats with Professor John Cryan, Vice President for Research and Innovation UCC, profiling his research together with former postdoc and now Lecturer in Pharmacology/Pharmacy Dr. Jatin Nagpal which aims to understand exactly how microbes in the gut could be shaping our moods and behaviour.

Showcasing the best in Irish scientific research 10 things to know is an 'award-winning television series that showcases and celebrates the Irish science behind aspects of modern life'. This week the 10 things to know team look at 10 things to know about Mental Health and in episode 06 broadcast on 19th December 2022, Professor Cryan and his research team in UCC share 'things to know' about Mental health.

Things to know 8: Research suggests that microbes in our gut influence our emotions meaning a healthy gut may be connected to a healthy brain

Professor Cryan explains how in addition to us knowing that eating a healthy diet is good for our physical well-being there is also a less know link between our diet and mental health, and how as a neuroscientist the big challenges that still remain for him ‘are trying to dig into the mechanisms of how microbes in your gut could signal to your brain and change your behaviour’ and to then see how much of all of the ‘findings we have in animal models will translate to the human condition.’

Things to know 9: Zebrafish have genetic and physiological similarities with humans making them a good model for studying human conditions

Dr. Jatin Nagpal describes how ’animal models give us an exquisite tool to allow scientists to be able to really dig into the mechanisms. So we can understand at a genetic level and at a single cellular level how microbes and the chemicals they make interact with the host or the body.

Things to know 10: UCC research suggests that eating a psychobiotic diet of prebiotic and fermented foods could lower perceived stress and improve sleep

Professor Cryan relates how his research team in Cork applies a cross-species approach in the hope that whatever findings are discovered can come up the evolutionary ladder and that they will be able to generalise some of these key findings in terms of how microbes are shaping brain and behaviour.

10 things to Know about Mental Health is available to view on the RTE Player: Watch 10 things to know about Mental health on the RTE Player from 13:35 mins

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