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Prof Cryan’s research profiled in Sunday Times

6 Jan 2021

'Lift your 2021 spirit with nice bacteria. That old adage of 'let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food' is getting a makeover at University College Cork - and we could all feel less stressed as a result' writes Katy McGuiness in the Sunday Times January 3rd 2021. 

In the leading article in the 'Food' Section of the Sunday Times, Prof Cryan and his team explain how 'after one short month' we 'could be feeling a whole lot better', as a diet which includes probiotics interacting with gut bacteria and prebiotics- literally mood altering germs which enhance the growth of beneficial gut bacteria, is showing promising results in their recent 'study of the impact of a psychobiotic diet on mental health.

The study looks at whether a psychobiotic diet which is bascially a version of the Mediterranean diet enriched with fibre and fermented foods designed to provide nourishment for gut bacterial, can help change the sensitivity to stress. Prof Cryan is happy that 'The effects look very good so far, in terms of how the volunteers feel and how stressed they are, even after just one month. Its a great January message.'

The article concludes with a quote from Prof Cryan 'When it comes to genes, there is little we can do other than blame our parents, but with the microbiome, each individual can take agency over their own health and do something about it. I think that is quite hopeful.'

The Psychobiotic Revolution: Mood, Food, and the New Science of the Gut-Brain Connection, by Scott C Anderson, John F Cryan and Ted Dinan, is available from bookstores for around €15.



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