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Cork scientist skypes into an Australian blues bar…

20 Feb 2018

Professor Cryan on Australian ABC TV discussing 'killing the blues via your microbiome' with Nutrition Scientist Dr Joanna McMillan 

Click here to join Professor Cryan and Dr Mc Millan at the 'Blues Bar' Skype interview.

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Tonight 48-year-old Victoria has chronic anxiety disorder. She's battled this her whole life. But in the past few years she's begun suffering from excruciating gut problems. No one has been able to provide answers. So, are her gut bacteria the missing link in causing her symptoms?

Nutrition Scientist Dr Joanna McMillan takes on her most challenging case, exploring emerging science about the links between gut bacteria and the brain to design an intervention to help Victoria where all else has failed. Victoria's struggle is revealing, at time confronting, but above all, inspiring. And the results - astonishing and life-changing.

Watch the full programme here:

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