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Irish Times visits Gut Instinct Art, Food and Feeling exhibition at Glucksman

14 Mar 2017
UCC professors John Cryan and Ted Dinan, at the opening of Gut Instinct exhibition. Photograph: Catherine Buckley/APC Microbiome Institute

Irish Times Journalist Colette Sheridan visits the 'Gut Instinct: Art, Food and Feeling Exhibition' currently showing in the Glucksman Gallery, and speaks to co-curator of the exhibition Professor John F. Cryan.

In the resulting article published in the Irish Times Tuesday 7th March 2017,  Professor Cryan explains how he enjoys engaging in cross-discipline projects and breaking down barriers between science and the arts in this case.  "Anyone who has ever thought about their “gut feeling” will find something to relate to in the exhibition" he says, “It’s quite accessible. There’s something in it for everyone, but also, it really challenges the viewer to look at things in a different way.  Scientists like me need to always be challenged. That’s how we make discoveries and breakthroughs.”

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