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Visit to Juelich

20 Oct 2023

PhD students Paul Wills and Shogo Saito from Laser Spectroscopy group, School of Physics, UCC visited the Institute of Energy and Climate Research at ForschungsZentrum Jülich in Germany from 16th – 20th October.

They joined 30 other postgraduates from across Europe for a condensed course on atmospheric chemistry and dynamics. The course is offered annually by the universities of Cologne and Wuppertal.

A series of lectures were offered covering many aspects of atmospheric science, from Brewer-Dobson circulation to small scale chemical processes. Attendees were also given a tour of the facilities and scientific equipment used at the Institute of Energy and Climate Research. This included the SAPHIR atmospheric simulation chamber. SAPHIR is 270m3 in volume, and equipped with a comprehensive suite of instruments. Both SAPHIR IN Jülich and IASC in UCC are part of the EUROCHAMP network.

*Photo shown above; UCC students Paul Wills and Shogo Saito with classmates at Tagebau Inden.

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