Professor Stephen Fahy Retirement

22 Sep 2023

The School of Physics staff and students would like to mark Professor Stephen Fahy's retirement from the School in September 2023. 

From then:                                                   Until now:
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Profoessor Stephen Fahy joined University College Cork Physics Department in 1993, following positions at the University of Michigan from 1990-1993 and prior to this was a member of the technical staff in the physical science division at Bell Laboratories from 1988-1990.

Professor Fahy grew up in Cork and took his undergraduate degrees in Mathematical Science and Physics in University College Cork and completed a Masters degree in Mathematics thereafter. He then completed his PhD in 1987 in the Physics Department at University of California, Berkeley supervised by Professor Steven Louie where he specialized in condensed matter theory and submitted his Thesis/Dissertation on "Electronic properties, structural phase transitions, and bonding of carbon in the solid state." 

Following his Phd in 1987, he completed a one year postdoctoral fellowship from 1987-1988 also at University of California, Berkeley before starting his employment at the Bell labs. 

Professor Fahy has made numerous contributions to condensed matter physics across topics including semiconductor transport, scattering theory, materials under ultrafast excitation, and quantum Monte Carlo calculations.

You can see some of his publications listed here

As well as his extensive research, Professor Fahy was also involved in the teaching of:

  • Introductory Physics (PY1052 and PY1053) for physical and mathematical science majors
  • Condensed Matter Physics (PY3105 and PY4104)
  • Computational Physics (PY2105 and PY4109) 
  • INSPIRE graduate course on Numerical Methods 

The School of Physics staff and students would like to congratulate Stephen on his successes and thank him for his contributions throughout his many years here.

We wish him all the best for his retirement.

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