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Staff Training Workshops and Programmes

The details of every programme and workshop that we offer to UCC staff are outlined below, categorised under each core competency.

The annual training programme provided by Staff Wellbeing & Development facilitates the training & development of all staff employed by the University. We would encourage all staff to take the initiative, time & opportunity to participate in at least two training workshops or events over the course of an academic year. We also encourage Heads of Schools, Departments & Units to assist, encourage & facilitate staff in training & development opportunities, where time & resources allow. 

If you are attending a workshop or programme on campus, please do try to arrive five minutes before the start time. If you are participating online, to ensure you get the most from attending, you are encouraged to have your camera on and can comfortably use your microphone to be in a position to participate.

How to Book a Place on Our Training Courses

UCC Staff: Book your place on any of our training courses via the 'My Training' tab on ESS 

Staff in UCC Subsidiaries: Book your place by emailing us directly at 

Make it easier to find a programme on ESS (once advertised via email) by inserting the date or a keyword & remember to scroll through all of the pages.


Our Cancellation Policy

  • If you are unable to attend a programme you have booked a place on, please cancel at least 48 hours in advance where possible, so we can offer your place to someone else in good time. To cancel your place, please do so via ESS.
  • If you need to cancel 24 hours or less before a programme, please also contact
  • If you repeatedly fail to cancel bookings (3 or more times within a 6 month period) within the 48 hour notice period, we reserve the right to contact your line manager to inform them.
  • We reserve the right to cancel a programme if we do not have sufficient bookings or if a facilitator is unavailable.


ESS My Training Guides

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