Promotion to Senior Lectureship


The revised regulation provides for a ‘rolling call’ with two ‘cycles’ per year and consists of a two-stage process. 

Stage 1: Expression of Interest/Shortlisting Stage - is assessed by a College Level Board (constituted as per the regulation) from which successfully shortlisted applicants will be invited to make a full application to Stage 2,  which is assessed by the Senior Lecturer Promotions Board under its Terms of Reference.  

Shortlisted applications will be invited to apply for Stage 2 which closes on March 31st (for the June 2024 Board sitting) or July 31st (for the November 2024 Board sitting) 

Applications should be made on ESS via 



Applications are invited from Lecturers who have: 

  • Completed probation.  
  • Completed at least three years continuous service in post as a Lecturer, two of which have been in UCC at the time of Stage 1 application at the closing date for applications in the given cycle. 
  • A Doctorate from a recognised institution (or equivalent evidence of high-level research achievement). 


Please note there is a separate application per College on ESS. Please ensure you apply for the relevant College. Where you have a joint appointment across the Colleges, please make contact so it can be clarified which College you will apply under. 


For any queries please email


Regulation on Academic Promotion to Senior Lectureships

CV Template - Promotion to Senior Lectureship 2024 Cycles

P1 (SL) Form 2024 Cycles

Guidelines for Personal Circumstances / Covid 19 Statement

Personal Circumstance / Covid 19 Statement

Promotion Scheme Leave Form

Assessment Guide & Rubric, Promotion to Senior Lectureship

Promotion to SL Briefing.mp4

SL Promotion Briefing Revised Scheme 2023

FAQs, Promotion to SL

College Level Board Meeting Dates

Eligible applicants may submit an application for promotion to Senior Lecturer to their College Level Board through the ESS portal at any time.

The next College Level Boards are due to sit in early 2024. Dates for the sitting of the College Level Boards will be posted on this website in due course. 

It is recommended that you submit your application through the ESS portal at least two weeks in advance of your College Board Meetings to allow sufficient time for consideration of your application. 


College Level Board Meetings in 2024 

College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences - Thursday 25th January 2024

College of Business and Law - TBC

College of Medicine and Health - Wednesday 24th January 2024

College of Science, Engineering and Food Science - Thursday 25th January 2024

Senior Lecturer Academic Promotion Board

  • Deputy President and Registrar (Chair) - Professor Stephen Byrne
  • An academic nominee of the President - Professor Conor O’Mahony, School of Law
  • Eight academic members (Professors, Professor (Scale 2) and Senior Lecturers) made up of two representatives from each of the four Colleges, the composition of which is to be determined by the Academic Council.
    • Dr Joseph McVeigh, School of Clinical Therapies
    • Professor Yvonne Nolan, School of Medicine
    • Dr Mark Chu, School of Languages, Literatures & Cultures
    • Professor Laura McAtackney, School of the Human Environment
    • Professor Niall O’Sullivan, Cork University Business School
    • Professor Maria Cahill, School of Law
    • Professor Sebastian Wieczorek, School of Mathematical Sciences
    • Dr Fidelma Butler, School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Independent External Academic – Professor Alison Hood, Maynooth University

 An independent, senior academic from outside the University shall oversee the process at full application stage and attend the assessment meetings of the SL Board at full application stage, in order to observe the integrity of the promotion evaluation process. Although not an SL Board member, his/her role shall be to bring to the attention of the SL Board any issues associated with the operation of the SL Board during its deliberations concerning the evaluation of applications at full application stage, and decision making for promotion.

  • The Secretary to the SL Board is the Director of Human Resources (or his/her nominee)

Senior Lectureship Promotions Board - Stage 2

Important dates relating to the SL Promotions process will be posted here and up-dated as dates become available. All intending applicants are encouraged to review these dates to guide their application timelines. Dates subject to change


Stage 2 Closing Date

SL Promotions Board Sitting

June Cycle 2023

31st March 2023

19th / 20th June 2023

November Cycle 2023

31st July 2023

14th November 2023

June Cycle 2024

31st March 2024


November Cycle 2024

31st July 2024


June Cycle 2025

31st March 2025


November Cycle 2025

31st July 2025


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