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University College Cork Progress so Far

UCC Progress so Far

UCC Progress so Far:


In 2013, University College Cork gained the HR Excellence in Research Award in recognition of the University’s on-going commitment to adopting the principles of The European Charter for Researchers and a Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers. This commitment is echoed in the University’s Research Strategy.

 See UCC Letter of Endorsement to Charter and Code 

See UCC Renewed Letter of Endorsement to the Charter and Code Renewed Letter of Endorsement


All and Evolving stages to UCC's commitment to this process:


1. UCC conducted an internal analysis -  UCC Gap Analysis (619kB) (619kB)


2. UCC published an Action Plan - 2013 Action Plan HRS4R (245kB) (245kB)  and other documentation Human Resources Strategy for Researchers Action Plan (1,388kB) (1,388kB)


3. This was acknowledged by the EC via the HR Excellence in Research Award in 2013


4. In 2015 UCC successfully completed the 2 year  Self Assessment (356kB) (356kB)  and has retained the HR Excellence in Research Award with an evolved action plan for 2015 and onwards  Action Plan Table 2015 (452kB) (452kB)


5. A further evaluation will be conducted by external peer review in 2017.  See updated  Action Plan December 2017  Internal Review Document  HRS4R Internal Review2017 (411kB)  AppendixDec2017 (201kB)  and 2017 OTM-R Checklist (328kB)  and UCCOTMRPolicy2020 (Updated since 2017) and OTMR2024 (Updated since 2020)


6. To see the December 2016 Researcher Survey Report please follow this link


7. UCC successfully retained the HR Excellence in Research Award at the Award Renewal Phase in January 2018 


8. New Terms of Reference and working group membership HR Excellence in Research Working Group were published in 2018 and updated in 2022  

Terms of Reference 2022


9. HR Excellence in Research Action Plan 2021 to 2024 Action Plan Jan 2021


10. UCC Researcher Survey 2020 questions for internal researcher survey here Survey Questions 2020 and the Where are you now 2019 survey questions are here Survey Where are you now? 2020


11. 2020 UCC Researcher Survey Report is at this link

12. UCC successfully retained the HR Excellence in Research Award for the second time at the Award Renewal Phase in April 2021.

13. HR Excellence in Research Action Plan 2024 to 2028  UCC HRS4R Action Plan 2024 to 2028 Final

14. See link to Researcher Survey Report 2023 Survey Report


Evolved Action Plan

As of March 2024 UCC's evolved Action Plan now consists of 109 actions.  Many of these are complete but have led to further actions  that, when complete, will go a very long way towards the University’s ambition to adopt in full the Principles of the EC Charter and Code for the benefit of its research staff. 

The  HR Excellence in Research Award will support our researchers in their proposals to attract international funding and researchers to UCC, and promote the University as providing a favourable working environment for researchers, in addition to increasing the international profile of the University.




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