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Open Transparent and Merit Based Recruitment (OTM-R)

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In September 2014, the ERA Steering Group on Human Resources and Mobility (ERA SG HRM) adopted the mandate for a new Working Group on open, transparent and merit-based
recruitment (OTM-R). The WG started its work in November 2014 with the objective to produce a “toolkit” on implementing OTM-R practices.

The main result of the Working Group is a comprehensive “OTM-R Package” for assisting Research Performing Organisations (RPOs)2 to implement open, transparent and meritbased
recruitment practices. It allows RPOs to review their current recruitment policy and practices and revise these, where needed.

The OTM-R “Package” for RPOs includes a set of practical and useful tools for implementing open, transparent and merit-based recruitment practices – built on existing tools and based
on good practices.


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