Environmental Policy

University Environmental Policy 2013

University College Cork is firmly committed to the principles of sustainability. Recognising that our activities impact upon the environment through our education, research and ancillary operations, our infrastructural development and our influence on the wider community of which we are a part; we are cognisant of our environmental responsibilities in local, national and global terms.

We acknowledge a responsibility for, and a commitment to, the protection of the environment throughout our activities and we endeavour to continuously improve our environmental performance by the implementation of a documented Environmental Management System and committing ourselves to:  

  • Incorporate a consideration of environmental issues into all relevant aspects of the University’s teaching and research activities.
  • Exceed relevant environmental legislative, regulatory and other requirements. 
  • Adopt relevant and appropriate environmental objectives & targets and regularly monitor progress against them.
  • Reduce the pollution arising as a consequence of our activities as far as practicable.
  • Enhance the efficiency of resources & energy consumption.
  • Give due consideration to environmental issues and energy performance in the acquisition, design, refurbishment, location and use of buildings.
  • Ensure environmental criteria are taken into account in the procurement of goods and services.
  • Provide appropriate environmental training for personnel.
  • Manage waste generated from our operations according to the principles of the Waste Hierarchy.
  • Promote and facilitate modes of transport by to and from University sites which minimise environmental impact, and to apply environmentally friendly principles to the operation of University owned vehicles.
  • Maintain and enhance the grounds and buildings of the University in an  environmentally sensitive way, seeking to protect and enhance natural habitats and biodiversity.
  • Promote environmental awareness among the University Community.
  • Making this Environmental Policy and other relevant information available to the General Public. 

This Environmental Policy can only be effectively implemented with the support and efforts of staff, students, con- tractors and other stakeholders, who will be kept informed of environmental matters and initiatives and encouraged to engage in active involvement at all levels through our communication systems.

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