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Car Sharing

Car Sharing Scheme

What is “Car Sharing”?

Car Sharing (also known as "Car Club" in the UK) is a scheme that provides subscribers access to a fleet of vehicles whenever they need one. Relatively new to Ireland, such schemes have been operating successfully in many European countries and North America for more than 15 years and are becoming increasingly popular. Car Sharing in Ireland started in 2008 in Cork, provided by the operator "GoCar", and is also running successfully in Dublin since 2010.

Since the start, UCC has a corporate account with GoCar. One car is based on College View / College Road, opposite the Library. UCC staff members can register with this account to use the cars (4 more locations existing in Cork) for work purposes. As the service is open to the general public, anybody can sign up as a private user.

Please note: Car Sharing is not to be confused with Car Pooling (e.g. UCC Car Pooling scheme), where two or more persons are sharing their car trip on a regular basis. (Unfortunately, both terms are used in Ireland in a rather inconsistant way.)

To find out more, have a look at the documents below or follow the link to . For any further queries, please contact

Some Useful Documents:

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