Western Campus

Western Campus

The Western Campus comprises of Brookfield Health Sciences Complex (BHSC) and the Western Gateway Building (WGB).


Brookfield house was built in 1898 and acquired by UCC in 1998. The new complex opened in 2005, with the new ASSERT building extension built in 2015.  This new complex is 15,000m² and comprises of

  • School of Nursing & Midwifery
  • School of Medicine
  • Therapies School
  • Health Sciences Library
  • The Jennings Gallery
  • Creche Cois Laoi
  • INFANT Centre
  • College of Medicine & Health


Western Gateway Building (originally a greyhound track) was acquired by UCC in 2001.  The new complex was opened in 2009.  This new complex is 28,000m² and comprises of

  • Computer Science Department
  • Mathematical Sciences
  • Department of Physiology
  • Department of Pharmacology
  • Epidemiology and Public Health
  • Incubators for start up business
  • Anatomy Department
  • Department of Bio-Chemistry
  • Cancer Research @UCC
  • Biological Services Unit (BSU)
  • Neuroscience
  • National Suicide Research Foundation (NSRF)

Western Campus Facilities Management Staff


The Western Campus is managed by a local facilities management team under the auspices of the Director of Buildings & Estates, Mark Poland.


Name Description Extension Landline/Mobile
Eamonn Connaughton Facilities Manager 5801 4205801/086-2304099
Carol Cashman Senior Executive Assistant 1567 4901567
Peter O'Hanlon Facilities Engineer 5803 4205803 
Adrian Downey Facilities Foreperson 5802 4205802/087-6485559
Donal O' Riordan Facilities Foreperson 1494 4901494/087-9127509
Philip Carroll General Operative 1494 4901494
Teresa O' Callaghan General Services Supervisor 1632 4901632/086-8033493
Security & Services operatives  Brookfield Complex 1501 086-8338755
Security & Services operatives Western Gateway Building 5800 086-7807041


Maintenance is defined as:

"Works necessary to maintain the fabric and engineering services of buildings in a serviceable condition.

It is not intended that maintenance would cover the costs of upgrading, improving or alteration works.

Please contact the Western Campus Maintenance Helpdesk at extension 1567 (Carol Cashman) or e-mail carol.cashman@ucc.ie with any maintenance requests.  

The Facilities office is contactable from 8.30am to 5pm.

Please see the minor works section for information on all non-Maintenance Building Work.

Telephone Services

The Western Campus Facilities Management Office is responsible for the maintenance and development of the Western Gateway Building and Brookfield Health Sciences Complex’s Voice Telephony network.

This includes provision of new telephone handsets, telephone lines and fax lines.

Contact the Western Campus Facilities Maintenance Helpdesk at extension 1567 or e-mail carol.cashman@ucc.ie to request the following:

  • Installation of new phone or fax line.
  • Relocating phone or change of phone information.
  • Removing a phone or fax.
  • Providing mobile phone.

Fault Reporting

Phone or fax line faults, phone hand set faults and fax machine or mobile phone faults should be reported to the Western Campus Facilities Help Desk at Ext. 1567 or e-mail carol.cashman@ucc.ie.


Brookfield Health Sciences Complex, UCC




The aim of the Western Campus Facilities Management Team is to reduce the landfill costs and recycle as much as possible.


The following are the categories of clean dry recyclables and waste materials:


Clean Dry Recyclables:

·  Each office and departmental common room is supplied with a large cardboard container for all clean dry recyclables.

·  On a weekly basis, these large cardboard containers are emptied.

·  All waste cardboard is baled and returned to the waste management company for recycling.

·  All clean dry recyclable materials are stored on site and collected by the waste management company for recycling.

·  The metal bin in each office should be used for general waste (non-recyclable materials only).



·  Glass can be disposed of at the bin store which is located at the south-west side of the building.


Ink Cartridges:

·  Collection boxes are available for empty ink cartridges at the lift entrance in the large under croft car park.


Mobile Phones/Chargers:

·  A box for recycling of old mobile phones and chargers is located at the lift entrance in the large under croft car park. The Jack and Jill Foundation collect same at regular intervals throughout the year.


Used Batteries:

·   A bin is provided for the recycling of used batteries at the lift entrance in the large under-croft car park.


Electrical & Electronic Equipment (Including computers):

·   Please contact the Western Campus Facilities Management Office at ext. 1567 or email carol.cashman@ucc.ie.


Minor Works

The Western Campus Facilities Management Office is responsible for maintaining the physical infrastructure of the University. The operational maintenance budget must be retained for this purpose.

Non-maintenance works can be requested but funding must be provided by the Department requesting the work. For these purposes maintenance is defined as follows:"Works necessary to maintain the fabric and engineering services of buildings in a serviceable condition."

Due to the restricted budget available at present for maintenance, it is not possible to include internal painting and decoration in the list of routine maintenance activities. Such works are now carried out with special funding allocated by the Finance Committee or for requesting departments on a payment basis.

Examples of Non-Maintenance Works:

  • Fitting of shelving or other fitted furniture.
  • Painting and decoration of departmental space.
  • Installation of power sockets.
  • Access control systems (door swipes or keypads).
  • CCTV cameras.
  • Altering offices, laboratories or other departmental space.


Write a brief outline of the extent of the work to the Facilities Manager, Western Campus, who will arrange for the appropriate person to contact the requesting department.

Fire Safety

The Facilities Management Office, is responsible for maintaining the Building’s active and passive fire safety systems. Mr. John O'Callaghan (Fire Safety Rep -Tel: 087-2362297), under the direction of the Western Campus Facilities Management Team, arranges fire extinguisher training, fire marshall training and emergency evacuation drills.

Requests for fire safety training, fire marshall training or emergency evacuation drills should be made directly to Mr. O'Callaghan, by e-mail to (jvocard@outlook.ie) and copied to the Western Campus Facilities Office (carol.cashman@ucc.ie). 

Alternatively, arrangements can be made through the Facilities Management Office (ext. 1567 or e-mail carol.cashman@ucc.ie). 


ISS are the Cleaning Contractors in Brookfield Health Sciences Complex. 

Two janitors work in the Building Monday to Friday from 8am to 4.30pm.  They look after the cleaning of the Library, Toilets, and general areas of Brookfield Health Sciences Complex.  As part of this cleaning regime, there is a core of cleaning staff working throughout the Building in the evenings.  Their duties are to clean the offices and all classrooms. 

All other waste disposal is collected once/twice weekly as per the cleaning schedule drawn up by the Facilities Management Team.

On a weekly basis, the paper is collected from the recycling bin in each location by a janitor and it is then brought to the cardboard baler, located in the recycling compound in Brookfield.  A rebate of €20 per tonne of cardboard is received from Greenstar.

Policy on the use of Lockers at Western Campus

Policy on Use of Lockers: 

  1. Lockers are available for use by all students using the Building.
  2. Any available locker may be used for a period of 1 day.
  3. A refundable deposit of €1 is payable for the use of the locker.
  4. To avail of a locker, place a €1 coin in the slot on the inside of the door.
  5. Close the door and lock with the key.
  6. When you re-open the locker with the key, the €1 coin drops from the slot and is re-funded to you.
  7. Lockers are checked early every morning and any locker not emptied will be opened by Security and the contents removed. Contents will be disposed of after 2 weeks and the contents donated to charity or disposed of. Text-books will be given to the Library.
  8. If you lose the key of your locker, please contact Security. A charge of €5 will apply for a replacement key.
  9. In the interest of security, it is the responsibility of each student to remember the locker number which they have in use.


Procedures to be followed by Security Staff:

  1. Each morning all lockers should be checked to ensure they are empty.
  2. Those that are not empty should be opened in the presence of 2 people and the contents removed and signed off by both parties.
  3. Place items in a black plastic bag and place a label on same with Locker No. and date items were removed.
  4. Keep items in a safe place (area to be designated by Facilities Manager).  Enter details in Locker Register (ie. Locker No., Date and Time items removed and signature of both parties – space to be allowed for recipient to sign for contents with date and time).
  5. To claim contents of a locker, students must specify details of contents and produce their Student ID card. Contents must be signed for before they are handed over.


Lost Property

The Western Gateway Building & Brookfield Health Sciences Complex operates a Lost Property Service at the Main Reception in the Atrium area situated on the ground floor of the Building.

All enquiries should be made to the Security and Services Operatives, at Reception.
T: 021 - 490 1501 / 1506

Refreshments in Centrally Booked Rooms in Western Campus

The following rooms are available for food and refreshments in Brookfield Health Sciences Complex and are covered by the above Policy, regarding seminars, lectures and conferences.

I.          Room 1.01, 1.02 & Gallery Area in Brookfield are available for food and refreshments (subject to 1 hour, pre and post booking to facilitate preparation and cleaning)

II.        The Main Restaurant (located lower ground floor).  The Catering Company (ext. 1507) will facilitate reserved table bookings.

III.       The Main Atrium is only available for refreshments outside of normal term sessions. These times include evenings, weekends and midterm.


Food and Refreshments will only be served in the following Rooms for Departmental Requirements

  • Room G.17      Teaching Room, Department of Occupational Therapy;
  • Room G.28      Common Room, School of Clinical Therapies;
  • Room 1.19      Board Room, School of Nursing & Midwifery;
  • Room 1.40      Speech Language and Voice Lab., Department of Speech & Hearing Sciences;
  • Room 1.57      School of Medicine;
  • Room 2.22      Staff Common Room, School of Nursing & Midwifery;
  • Room 2.38      Meeting Room, School of Clinical Therapies;
  • Room 2.47      Meeting Room, College of Medicine & Health;
  • Room 2.60      Meeting Room, School of Medicine;
  • Jennings Gallery Area            For specific functions taking place relating only to the Gallery.

Serving food and refreshments is prohibited in all other rooms (which include lecture theatres and teaching rooms)

Room Booking

The Room Bookings Office is responsible for the allocation of lecture/seminar rooms in Western Campus (Brookfield/Western Gateway Building).

The Room Bookings Office is located on the third floor of No. 5 Carrigside, College Road.

To view the Room Bookings Office Website, including information on Student Timetables; Room Availability; Department Timetables etc. please click on the following link Room Bookings/Timetables

Brookfield & Western Gateway Building as a venue, offers a wide range of facilities to cater for courses, meetings, conferences/seminars as follows:

  • Tiered lecture theatres with seating capacities ranging from 50 to 250, affording the option of either large scale seminars to smaller more intimate workshops.
  • Flat seminar rooms with seating capacities ranging from 10 to 70.

The Room Bookings Office staff can be contacted as follows:

Telephone: 021-490 3588 / 021-490 3634 / 021-490 3400

Email: roombookings@bldg.ucc.ie

Fax: 021-490 3769


For further information on Conference facilities in UCC, visit the following Website:


Please contact (0)21 4818457 or conferencing@ucc.ie, UCC Conferencing Service, Victoria Cross, Cork for assistance with Conference organising.

Car Parking Control,Truck Deliveries and Pedestrian access

Details of the College's Car Parking facilities and operational policy for same are available here 

Western Campus Management is responsible for the implementation of the Car Parking Policy in Brookfield & Western Gateway BUilding and this is strictly enforced. In the interest of safety, cars that are illegally parked will be clamped or towed away, a fee of €80 is payable by the vehicle owner/user to the Clamping Company who provide this service to College.

Visitor Parking - Pay & Display

Visitors parking is located in the Undercroft area situated near the entrance to Brookfield Health Sciences Complex.  This is a Pay & Display carpark.

Large Truck Deliveries:

Large Truck Deliveries must be gone off site before 8.30am in Western Gateway Building.

Large Truck Deliveries must go to the rear of Brookfield.

Please note there is a size restriction of 3 tones on trucks/vans delivering to UCC.

Pedestrian Access:

Pedestrian access gate on the western end of the Western gateway building will be closed at 6pm each evening.  The main entrance/exit route should be used after this time.

Contact Us

The Facilities Management Office, Western Campus, UCC is contactable as follows:

T: 021 490 1567 (Carol Cashman - 8.30am to 5pm)
    021 490 1501/1506 (Brookfield Reception Desk outside of Normal Working Hrs.)

E: carol.cashman@ucc.ie



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