National Heritage Week 2020

National Heritage Week 2020, Heritage Council

UCC Heritage Services have taken part in one of UCC's contributions to a National Heritage Week 2020 project. This year, due to COVID-19-related restrictions on social gatherings, Heritage Week is taking place online. This year’s theme is ‘Heritage and Education: Learning from our Heritage’. The Crawford Observatory, in the heart of UCC, is the focus of this project. Margaret Lantry, Acting University Curator, spoke about the place of the building on campus and how Dr William Kirby Sullivan, the second President of Queen's College, Cork, set out his renewal of the university in the 1870s. Funded by philanthropy, this observatory is unique in Ireland for the remarkable state of preservation of the three telescopes that it holds and also the original condition of the building. Margaret has written about the historical context for the creation of the Crawford Observatory UCC in National Heritage Week 2020 [PDF] with information about the telescopes, including photos, maps and links for further information.

In the film Prof. Paul Callanan, of the Department of Physics in UCC, contributes his expert knowledge about Howard Grubb, the maker of the telescopes, and also about the instruments themselves. It was very exciting to help to open the shutter over the transit telescope. Paul also opened the dome that covers the equatorial telescope. 

Thanks to Eoin Hahessy, Michael Tobin and Eoin O'Sullivan of UCC Audio Visual Media Services for the filming.


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