Park and Ride

UCC Park & Ride

In 1999, UCC became the first University in Ireland to operate its own Park+Ride scheme.

At present, there are three car parks available for UCC P+R:

  • Pouladuff Road (near the N40 South Ring Road, Togher exit)
  • Dennehy's Cross (PCB sports grounds, single shuttle services only)
  • Black Ash (near N40, at Kinsale Rd roundabout, Term time only)

Download the Park & Ride Map 2017 Term

Shuttle buses operate frequent services from the Main Campus (Boole entrance) on College Road and Brookfield (outside gate). In the morning and evening peaks, the service also includes UCC's Lee Maltings Complex on Dyke Parade / Prospect Row (using the bus stop on Dyke Parade/Mardyke St., opposite the Granary Theatre).

Both Pouladuff and Dennehy’s Cross car parks are open all year, while Dennehy's Cross operates during the summer months as a Park & Walk facility only (approx 5 mins walk to Brookfield, 10-15 minutes to Main Campus). Black Ash is linked to UCC only during Term times.

P+R facilities are open to all UCC staff and students (ID spot checks by security staff may occur).  Parking and the use of the shuttle buses are free of charge.



Dennehy's Cross

Black Ash

Opening Hours

All Day 08.00 - 22.30, Mon-Fri 07.30 - 19.30


250 180 As required

Shuttle Bus

08.300 - 18.30

Every 15 (30 off-peak) mins

Extra services at a.m. peak

07.55 only

(No shuttles during summer)

09.20 - 18.30 (Mon-Thu Only)

Every 15 (off-peak 30) mins

Only during Term

Black Ash tickets: Drivers please pull a ticket on entry. Get the ticket stamped by the UCC bus driver and exchange that ticket on return at the Black Ash counter for a free egress ticket.

Park and Ride Timetables

Term Timetable 2018/2019 effective from 10/09/2018 onward:

From 10th September 2018, the full Term Timetable will be in operation with ca. 15min (peak) to 30min (off-peak) shuttle frequencies, also serving Black Ash P+R again. While in general the timetable is the same as last term, please note that there is a slight change in service around lunchtime. Also, Lee Maltings evening services will operate one hour earlier on Fridays.

Term Timetable - 2018/2019

2018-2019 Term Timetable



Off Term 2018

Off Term Timetable, effective Monday 9th July:

Summer Off Term 1 Timetable

During Off Term a reduced timetable will apply to the UCC P+R shuttles.

A core service will operate to and from Pouladuff car park every 30 mins, incorporating am and pm peak services to Lee Maltings/Tyndall.

Please note mid-morning and mid-afternoon gaps for the driver’s break.

Dennehy's Cross carpark will operate as Park+Walk during summer.



Easter 2018

Easter Timetable, effective Monday 26th March until Fri 6th April:

Park & Ride Easter 2018

During Easter recess a reduced timetable will apply to the UCC P+R shuttles (as in the early summer months).

The bus will serve Campus and Pouladuff every 30mins (driver’s breaks mid-morning and mid-afternoon).

Tyndall AM and PM shuttles will operate as normal.


Black Ash and Dennehy’s Cross will NOT be served.


Term timetable will kick in again Mon 9th April.



Off Term 2017


Effective from July 10th 2017 Park and Ride Information


Effective from Monday, 10th of July buses will run every 15 mins from Pouladuff P+R to Main Campus via Brookfield (morning & evening peaktimes = every 10mins).


Mid-morning and mid-afternoon breaks for the drivers will result in buses every 30mins during that time.


This timetable will operate for the 2017 off term months of July and August.


Download Summer 2017 Schedule below: 

 Off Term Timetable 2017 - June - August

 Off Term Timetable 2017 - May - June

 Off Term Timetable 2017 - 4th to 8th of September 2017 Only


Term Timetable 2017/2018 effective from 11/09/2017 on:

From 11th September 2017, the full Term Timetable will be in operation with ca. 15min (peak) to 30min (off-peak) shuttle frequencies, also serving Black Ash P+R again. Tyndall / Lee Maltings will be served in the am and pm peaks only. Dennehy’s Cross will operate as a Park and Ride at 7.55am only.


Term Timetable - 2017/2018


Special Timetables - End of Exams 2017 and Christmas Off-Term 2017 2018 Timetables 

Effective from Mon 18/12. till Wed 20/12. (end of exams):

The Term timetable will apply as on Fridays, meaning there will be NO SERVICES from/to BLACK ASH.

Please use Pouladuff P+R only.


End of Exams Term 1 Timetable


Effective from Thu 21st Dec until Fri 12th Jan:

The shuttle will operate ca. every 30 minutes between Pouladuff and Campus.


Christmas Off Term P&R Timetable


Please mind the mid-morning and mid-afternoon break.

There will be no services from/to Black Ash or Dennehy’s Cross.


The am and pm peak services to/from the Lee Maltings will run.


ATTENTION: Early finish on Friday 22/12. (only):

On the last UCC working day, as every year, shuttles will finish early (following demand).

Last shuttles will start from the Lee Maltings / Tyndall at 15.30, 16.00, 16.30 and 17.10

And serve Main Campus and Brookfield en route.

These 4 services will stop on the opposite side of College Road (travelling westbound)

Please cross the road with care.


There will be no shuttles between Wed 27/12. and Tue 02/01. (incl.)

Full Term Timetable will resume from Monday 15/01/2018.


 *Timetables are subject to change at the discretion of the University

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