Postal Service

Postal Service

The Post Room is part of the General Services Office, and is responsible for the processing of all internal and external mail. The Post Room is located at the the back of the West Wing ( Medical Quadrangle) at Basement level.

The Post Room is staffed from 08.00 - 17.00, Moday to Friday. It is open for business to its customers from 09.00 -13.00 & 14.00 - 16.30. (16:00 on Friday)

All post delivered by An Post is delivered on the same day throughout the campus ( including Departments located at off campus locations).

If you have any queries regarding the services the Post Room offers, or those of An Post, please do not hesitate to contact the Post Room, or alternatively you can view

Post Room staff can be contacted as follows:

T: 021-490 2424     



General Information/Guidelines

Addressing Internal Mail:

When addressing internal envelopes please include:
Name; Title; Room Number; Floor; Department Name; Building Name.

In an attempt to reduce the amount of waste paper in the college, we would also suggest that reusable internal envelopes are used for internal mail, rather than external envelopes.

Adressing External Mail:

When addressing external post please ensure envelope has the full name and address. Place return address in top left hand corner on front of envelope.


1. An Post will not accept internal envelopes. Therefore they should not be used for external mail.
2. When addressing post for hospital departments (e.g. Erinville), do not include UCC in the address as this results in any returns coming back to the UCC Post Room.
3. When dealing with outside contacts, please give them your full Name, Title, Room Number, Floor, Department and Building, as delays may occur in post getting to you due to insufficient address and in some circumstances may result in post being returned to sender.

Bulk Internal Mail:

Bulk internal mail includes circulars, monthly reports, or information books. Any mailshot over 100 letters must be separated by Building and Faculty/Department. Due to volumes of post and in order to maintain efficiency, unsorted mail will be returned to sender.

Bulk External Mail (>100 letters):

Bulk mail for franking must be sorted into: Rest of Ireland (incl. Northern Ireland), United Kingdom, E.U. and Rest of World.
N.B. Sorted mail should all face the same direction and be same side up in order to be processed efficiently through the franking. For bulk mailing of over 300 letters please contact the postroom 2 days in advance.

Special Collections:

Mailings of over 2000 letters involve a special collection by An Post.
Below are the guidelines to complete a special collection:

  • The amount of envelopes, their individual weight and their destination must be known, e.g. 1000 envelopes addressed to Rest of Ireland, 1200 envelopes addressed to the U.K., and 600 envelopes addressed to Europe.
  • Contact Post Room regarding special collections. An Post to be notified 1 day in advance of such a collection.

Registered Mail (5 - 10 items):

The Postroom also offers the service of registering post. This service is recommended to staff when sending important documents such as students theses or when sending valuable items, such as consignments of books. The following information must accompany Registered Post:

  • A customer receipt with addressee details, item number and declared value
  • Secure processing and a bar-coded label to track the item during transit in Ireland and to Great Britain. The item can be tracked through An Post's website Item Tracking feature (
  • 'To Be Registered' must be clearly marked on the left hand corner of the envelope.

All receipts of registered post are filed in the Postroom and may be consulted by staff at any time. If a department wishes to send registered mail on a regular basis, or has a large mailing that must go by registered post, it might be more convenient for the department to have their own registration book which can be arranged by contacting a staff member in the Postroom.

Registered post must be in the Postroom at the times listed below if it is to be posted on the same day:
Bulk: 14.30 hours; Single: 15.30 hours

Business Special:

This is for parcels within Europe over 2kg. Offering day certain delivery times to EU destinations, with Internet tracking, signature proof of delivery and automatic insurance cover up to €1,269.74.

Business Special receipts are filed in the Postroom and may be consulted by staff.

International Parcels:

Any parcels to international destinations outside Europe that weigh over 2kg are also registered, though are not insured. It is important to note that any parcels over 2kg in weight should state clearly what the contents are, such as printed matter for customs purposes only.
To avoid delays with customs all parcels are automatically declared to have no commercial value unless otherwise stated, to ensure that the addressee is not obliged to pay customs tax.

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