Cycling is an ideal means of transport to cover short and medium distances in the city. Given the fact of traffic congestion in peak hours, cycling can even be quicker than a car trip. It is environmental and wallet friendly, and your health may benefit from a little exercise.

UCC aims at improving conditions for cyclists on and around campus. Parking facilities are provided at all major UCC buildings (see UCC Campus Bike Parking Map). Nevertheless, there is still room for improvement at one or the other location. So bicycle parking facilities on Campus are systematically being addressed, improved and extended.

Together with Cork City Council, UCC is working on the installation of bicycle routes to College in order to make cycling to UCC safer and more comfortable.

Cycling on UCC Campus:

  • Cyclists are permitted to enter all Campus areas.
  • Pedestrians, however, have absolute priority on Campus, so cyclists are asked to cycle carefully and at slow speed.
  • Bicycles must only be parked at designated parking facilities provided.
  • All bicycles are left at owner’s risk. 

Read the full UCC Campus Cycling Policy.


For purchase, maintenance or repair of bicycles, click here to find a list of Bicycle Shops in Cork  (external link to

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