Heritage Services

Heritage Services is responsible for the documentation, conservation, interpretation and accessibility of the University College Cork’s Curatorial Collections for the benefit of its staff and students, the general public and researchers further afield. The University Curator also provides information relating to the history of UCC, its staff and alumni, its buildings and estate. Presently the University Curator acts as secretary to the University Asset Naming Group.


UCC Curatorial Collections

The UCC Curatorial Collections supports and engages with UCC’s ambitions for interdisciplinary approaches to research, teaching and knowledge exchange. To this end, the core mission of Heritage Services and the University Curator will be to care for and develop the UCC Curatorial Collections, and to share and communicate knowledge about them. 

The Curatorial Collections include a rich variety of historic artefacts acquired since 1849, ranging from early teaching equipment to plaster casts, portraits and ogham stones to architectural models. These are cared for by the University Curator in Heritage Services, who aims to operate using recognised professional standards and procedures. 

UCC Curatorial Collections Policy 2020-02-07

Approved by: Mark Poland, Director, Buildings & Estates, UCC, on 7 February 2020

Review date: 1 February 2025

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Heritage Services

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