Cycle to Work Scheme

UCC Employer Bicycle Scheme

Applications for UCC's Cycle-to-Work Scheme should primarily be submitted via email.  When you have completed the Form please SCAN and send it to:  In addition, the Invoice/Quote needs to be scanned and emailed as a "separate" pdf attachment.  Thank you.

As of August 2020 the upper spending limit on bicycles and associated equipment has increased. The spend limit for regular pedal bikes is €1,250 and for e-bikes is €1,500. (inclusive of associated equipment).

UCC’s Cycle to Work (Employer Bicycle) Scheme started in September 2009. Thanks to the Government’s tax relief scheme, employees can save income tax and PRSI on the purchase of a bicycle and related safety equipment, when they buy it through their employer and the price is deducted from their salaries over a maximum of 12 months. One of the conditions is that the bicycle must primarily be used for commuting to work (or parts thereof) or travel between work places.

Important: Bicycles can only be purchased from UCC's approved suppliers (no exceptions). 

To avail of the Scheme: please complete all pages of the Application Form, scan it and email it to Imelda.

If you have any queries, please contact Imelda at


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