Cycle 2 Work Scheme

Cycle 2 Work - UCC Employer Bicycle Scheme

UCC’s Cycle-to-Work (Employer Bicycle) Scheme started in September 2009. Thanks to the Government’s tax relief scheme, employees can save income tax and PRSI on the purchase of a bicycle and related safety equipment, when they buy it through their employer and the price is deducted from their salaries over a maximum of 12 months. One of the conditions is that the bicycle must primarily be used for the commute to work (or parts thereof) or travel between work places.

Since the beginning of the scheme UCC has issued in excess of 1000 Bicycles to its staff members.

Please see the full list of current UCC Agresso approved suppliers below. 
To avail of this scheme, please fill out the application form below and forward to:-
Ann O'Donovan
Capital Projects
No 3 Carrigside
College Road
If you have any queries at all please contact Ann on 021/4901872.

*   In addition, please note when purchasing a bike from any Halfords store it can take a minimum of 6 - 8 weeks to process an application.

Buildings and Estates Office

Western Road, Cork