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Minor Works

Minor Works (Non-Maintenance Works)

The Buildings Office / Western Campus Facilities is responsible for maintaining the physical infrastructure of the University. The operational maintenance budget must be retained for this purpose.

Non-maintenance works can be requested but funding must be provided by the Department requesting the work. For these purposes maintenance is defined as follows, "Works necessary to maintain the fabric and engineering services of buildings in a serviceable condition."

Due to the restricted budget available at present for maintenance, it is not possible to include internal painting and decoration in the list of routine maintenance activities. Such works are now carried out with special funding allocated by the Finance Committee or for requesting departments on a payment basis.

Examples of Non-Maintenance Works:

  • Fitting of shelving or other fitted furniture. 
  • Painting and decoration of departmental space. 
  • Installation of power sockets. 
  • Access control systems (door swipes or keypads). 
  • CCTV cameras. 
  • Altering offices, laboratories or other departmental space.


Write a brief outline of the extent of the work to the Buildings Officer ( who will arrange for the appropriate person to contact the requesting department.

Agile Work Space 1-4 Sheraton Court Layout

Agile Work Space 1-4 Sheraton Court Layout

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